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We know the legal industry is not always easy to understand and navigate. That’s why we provided an easy to read Frequently Asked Questions section. Hopefully your question is referenced below. If not, please be sure to call us at 888-577-3476 or email us.

What do I do if I have a legal question, problem or issue?

Call our toll free number and speak directly with a PLP attorney for FREE, UNLIMITED legal advice, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Know your legal rights and have ALL of your questions answered.

I have legal paperwork and don’t understand what I am reading. Or, somebody wants me to sign a contract? What should I do?

Call our toll free number. Speak directly to a PLP attorney and fax/email your documents to us. Here are some documents we can review (absolutely FREE): real estate contract, car lease, apt. lease, court papers, collection notice, and more. We’ll help you understand the fine print before you sign.

I’m having a dispute with someone (or some company)? I feel like they’re taking advantage of me and/or my family? What should I do?

First call our toll free number to tell us your situation. We’ll give you our legal opinion on what course of action to take. If we have to write a demand letter to help you resolve this issue, we’ll draft one and send on your behalf. Most conflicts are quickly resolved after a legal demand is made.

I have problems creditors. I unfairly received negative marks on my credit report? What can I do?

PLP will help you obtain a copy, analyze and clean up your credit absolutely FREE. Remove those negative marks and raise your beacon score. Start by calling our toll free number.

I am worried that I don’t have a Will? And it’s too expensive to create one. What should I do?

As part of Preferred Legal Plan, we’ve included a free Will for you and your family. Call us and we’ll ask you the relevant questions we need to properly create a Will customized to you.

I am having problems with an ex-spouse. I have children from a prior relationship. I want to make sure I am protected. What should I do?

PLP will help you deal with ongoing custody, support and visitation issues. Understand your visitation rights. Be sure you are paying / receiving the proper amount of child support.

I am in a lot of debt and don’t know what to do about it. Can Preferred Legal Plan help me?

Our experienced team works with creditors to help create affordable solutions for you. PLP will advise you on alternatives including consolidation or bankruptcy.

I’m buying/selling/refinancing my home. I need help understanding mortgages and interest rates. Can Preferred Legal Plan help me?

PLP can help you from contract to closing. We’ll help you navigate closing statements, mortgage clauses, and points/interest on your loan. We’ll make sure you avoid paying unnecessary fees and closing costs. We can even help you understand important title issues and provide you with an attorney for closing.

I got a Traffic ticket. Or, my driver’s license got suspended? What should I do?

PLP attorneys will help you beat any traffic violation in court and help you restore your driving privileges.


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