Cost-free employee benefit

  • Add value to your company. Provide your employees with a plan to assist them with various types of personal legal issues. 30%-60% of employee base will likely enroll.

  • NO employer contribution required. Preferred Legal Plan is a voluntary benefit. Employee pays $9.95 per month ($4.60 bi-weekly) for complete individual or family coverage.

  • NO exposure to liability. All employment and business related matters (i.e. unemployment, workers compensation, harassment, termination, relocation, etc.) are explicitly and clearly EXCLUDED from coverage.

  • Lower employee absenteeism. Allow employees an affordable means to retain an attorney for representation so they can avoid missing time at work to attend court.

  • Improve job performance. Give employees an easy outlet to help them deal with stressful legal situations that could otherwise hinder their job performance.

  • Generate higher overall productivity. Peace of mind about personal issues promotes greater on-the-job focus.

  • Increase employee morale. Heighten company loyalty. Promote internal goodwill. Preferred Legal Plan generates positive word of mouth throughout the employee work environment.

  • Easy to administer. Simple monthly billing process.

  • Absolutely COST-FREE.
  • Please contact Preferred Legal Plan at 1-888-577-3476 for more information.


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