Pricing and coverage

The premium rate for membership in Preferred Legal Plan is $9.95 per month (or $4.98 semi-monthly, $4.60 bi-weekly, $2.30 weekly) for the individual Employee or the Employee plus Family. The premium is 100% Employee paid (no payment is required from the Employer). There is no initial enrollment fee.

The Preferred Legal Plan membership covers:

  • a. The Employee;

  • b. The Employee’s spouse, domestic partner, significant other living in same home;

  • c. The Employee’s dependent children up to age 23; and

  • d. ANYONE living at home with the Employee (i.e. elderly parent, sibling, child over age 23, etc.).

  • The Preferred Legal Plan is a plan for the entire household. This coverage is standard with membership. There is no additional premium. Everyone covered under a Employee’s membership is entitled to the same uses of the plan, without restriction or limitation.

    The Preferred Legal Plan does not have any minimum participation requirements.

    The Preferred Legal Plan will guarantee its premium rate for as long as the Employer desires such a guarantee. Preferred Legal Plan has no plans to increase its rates.

    Breakdown of member calls

    Percentage breakdown of member calls to Preferred Legal Plan:

    FREE Legal Advice / Guidance / Understanding Legal Rights 40%
    FREE Review / Explanation of Legal Documents 10%
    FREE Resolution of Legal Disputes through Phone Calls / Correspondence 15%
    FREE Credit Report Analysis and Repair / Identity Theft Issues 10%
    FREE Preparation of Simple Wills 10%
    Request for Formal Legal Representation pursuant to Fee Schedule 15%

    NOTE: On average, 85% of member calls to Preferred Legal Plan are for a FREE service covered under the membership.


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