Approach to service

The Preferred Legal Plan is an easy to administer, voluntary benefit that would greatly benefit any Employer, while providing its Employees with an important, tangible service they all need.

Unique “Home Office” Structure
Preferred Legal Plan’s unique plan structure and efficient approach to customer service makes our legal services program second to none in the State of Florida. At Preferred Legal Plan, service to our members is always the highest priority. Through the unique “home office” structure, Preferred Legal Plan is able to insure excellent customer service for all Employees. Whenever an Employee needs our help, their first point of contact is always our South Florida-based home office, where they can speak directly with an attorney to begin the process of dealing with their particular legal situation. At the home office, each Employee has a personalized hard file and computerized record in the home office database, which includes all personal information on the Employee as well as a complete history of prior issues, questions and contacts made with Preferred Legal Plan. Unlike other legal plan arrangements, where a member is assigned to a “provider” firm for any and all issues under the program, Employees are dealing directly with Preferred Legal Plan itself when they need service. As a result, an Employee receives a higher level and more personalized level of customer service with Preferred Legal Plan.

Local Plan
Additionally, Preferred Legal Plan operates solely within the state of Florida and primarily South Florida. Unlike other legal plans, which are spread across the entire country, Preferred Legal Plan’s narrower focus area allows us to prevent any one Employee from “slipping through the cracks” and insure that each and every Employee will receive the service they have been promised. Further, unlike other legal plans where access may be restricted to normal weekly business hours, Preferred Legal Plan is always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Panel Attorney Representation
Further, Preferred Legal Plan’s approach in dealing with formal attorney representation for Employees is highly effective. When an Employee is facing a problem or issue that may require formal attorney representation (i.e. representation in court, preparation of legal documents), the Preferred Legal Plan’s home office refers the Employee to a Panel Attorney, located near the Employee’s home or office and who is an expert in the applicable area of law. Unlike other legal plans, where a member is restricted to using one “provider” firm for representation on all types of matters (from divorce to real estate to bankruptcy to estate planning), under Preferred Legal Plan Employees are always able to utilize a specialist when representation is need.

In addition, Preferred Legal Plan uses a comprehensive, detailed Fee Schedule to coordinate the pre-determined discounted fees for formal representation. This gives an Employee absolute certainty in knowing and understanding what would be required to undertake a particular representation. Most discounted fees are set at a “flat” fee, which means one price for the entire representation from A to Z. Hourly fee arrangements are discounted to $125 per hour. Unlike other legal plans, which provide members with a percentage discount off an attorney’s “normal” charge (whatever that may be), Employees know a precise rate under Preferred Legal Plan in deciding whether to undertake a representation.

Also, there is absolutely no claims processing involved under Preferred Legal Plan. Unlike other legal plans, where either a member or an attorney must file a claim to receive benefits, with Preferred Legal Plan no Employee nor panel attorney is required to file any type of claim for representation. Thus, Preferred Legal Plan is not bogged down with reviewing claims and has more time to focus on monitoring past referrals made and providing ongoing future service to Employees.

Please note, based on our statistics, the need for an Employee to formally retain a Panel Attorney pursuant to the Fee Schedule is not a regular occurrence. On average, 85% of member calls to Preferred Legal Plan are for a FREE service covered under the membership.

Pre-Existing Issues
Further, Preferred Legal Plan is able to help Employees with all pre-existing issues and situations they might be facing and does not restrict Employee usage with lengthy waiting periods for several popular services (i.e. divorce, bankruptcy). Divorce and family law related issues are by far the most heavily used aspect of any legal plan. In many cases, these issues relate to pre-existing situations and must be dealt with immediately. Preferred Legal Plan covers all such situations with no waiting period for usage, unlike other legal plans which exclude pre-existing situations, impose a 4 to 6 month waiting period for usage and/or limit the amount of “covered” hours applicable to such representations.

“Entire Household” Coverage
Additionally, Preferred Legal Plan’s unique family coverage extends protection to an Employee’s spouse or domestic partner, minor children as well as his or her entire household. This means that ANYONE living at home with the Employee (i.e. elderly parent, sibling, child over age 23, etc.) is covered for the standard rate (no additional premium) and is entitled to the same uses of the plan, without restriction or limitation.

or all of these reasons, Preferred Legal Plan believes our program will greatly benefit an Employer and its Employees.


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