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Identity theft services

The Preferred Legal Plan (“PLP”) provides identity theft services absolutely FREE and INCLUDED as part of membership. PLP works together with its members to fulfill important vital steps in an effort to continuously monitor the member’s credit situation and thus protect against identity theft. Again, PLP provides these services absolutely FREE and INCLUDED as part of membership. Services include:

  • • Assistance in ordering the member’s personalized credit reports from each of the three (3) major credit bureaus on a periodic basis. Specifically, a report can be requested for free from each bureau annually; thus Preferred Legal Plan recommends and provides for obtaining a credit report from each respective bureau every four (4) months. This allows for the most effective monitoring of a member’s credit situation.

  • • Requesting and establishing fraud alerts on the member’s credit with the three (3) major credit bureaus. With a fraud alert in place, creditors will be required to verify the member’s identity prior to opening a new line of credit, increasing an existing credit limit or issuing a new card. These fraud alerts can be renewed on a continuous basis.

  • • Blocking pre-approved credit offers by helping the member opt-out of pre-screened credit offer lists. These types of pre-approved credit offers sent by mail or otherwise present one of the more common opportunities for identity theft. Blocking these offers effectively cuts off access to this stealing opportunity for potential identity thieves.

  • • Complete and total assistance in repairing and restoring a member’s identity if it has been stolen or compromised in any way. This includes continuously corresponding with creditors, collection agencies and the credit bureaus, obtaining police reports or related documentation from the appropriate reporting precinct, completing formal identity theft affidavits, notifying the proper federal, state and local agencies and whatever else is required to fully restore the member’s identity.
  • No company can fully guarantee or promise that an individual’s identity will never be stolen. By taking advantage of these important services discussed above, however, individuals can protect themselves to the greatest extent possible and make it exceedingly difficult for potential identity thieves to succeed. PLP provides these services FREE and INCLUDED as part of membership.


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