Membership Usage

Members have only one telephone number to call whenever they need to use Preferred Legal Plan. This is a toll-free telephone number accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that rings directly into the Preferred Legal Plan’s home office, which is run by the owners of the company. The Preferred Legal Plan is attorney owned and operated. In the home office, a comprehensive computer database is maintained including a separate record for each Member, which details the Member’s personal information, place of employment, various uses of the plan service and specific notes about every call made to the plan. In addition, a separate hard file is maintained on each Member, containing the Member’s enrollment form, copies of correspondence and policy sent, and any and all documentation sent to us by the Member.

Through the home office, the Preferred Legal Plan administers free, unlimited legal advice and consultation to answer all questions for the Member, free document and contract review to insure a Member understands all terms and rights in a transaction, free letters and phone calls on the Member’s behalf to resolve ongoing disputes, free credit report analysis and repair and free Wills for the Member and his/her spouse or significant other. When the Member is facing a problem or issue that may require formal attorney representation (i.e. representation in court, preparation of legal documents), the Preferred Legal Plan refers the Member to a Panel Attorney.

The referral is made to a Panel Attorney who is located near the Member’s home or office and who is an expert in the area of law the Member needs help with. The Preferred Legal Plan has over 250 Panel Attorneys throughout the state of Florida, all of whom are specialists in different areas of the law. Thus a Member is always able to utilize a specialist when representation is need. When a referral is made, a representative from the home office initially contacts the Panel Attorney to briefly explain the issue, coordinate placement on the pre-determined discounted Fee Schedule and to give the Member’s name. The home office representative then contacts the Member to provide the name and number of the Panel Attorney. Consequently, when the Member calls the Panel Attorney’s office to arrange for a free initial consultation, the office is expecting his/her call. The Member is then able to meet the Panel Attorney for a free consultation and decide whether to move forward with representation at the pre-determined discounted rate.

If the Member is dissatisfied with the Panel Attorney for any reason whatsoever, the Member need only contact the home office for referral to a different Panel Attorney. This process is repeated as many times as is necessary for the Member to find a Panel Attorney he/she will be completely comfortable with for representation. After a referral is made to a Panel Attorney, the home office notates the Member’s record and sets reminders to follow up with the Member and chosen Panel Attorney at later times to insure that both sides are pleased with how the representation is progressing.

Pricing and coverage

The premium rate for membership in Preferred Legal Plan is $9.95 per month (or $119.40 annually) for an Individual plus Family.

The Preferred Legal Plan membership covers:

  • a. The Individual;

  • b. The Individual’s spouse, domestic partner, significant other living in same home;

  • c. The Individual’s dependent children up to age 23; and

  • d. ANYONE living at home with the Individual (i.e. elderly parent, sibling, child over age 23, etc.).

  • The Preferred Legal Plan is a plan for the entire household. This coverage is standard with membership. There is no additional premium. Everyone covered under an Individual’s membership is entitled to the same uses of the plan, without restriction or limitation.

    Breakdown of member calls

    Percentage breakdown of member calls to Preferred Legal Plan:

    FREE Legal Advice / Guidance / Understanding Legal Rights 40%
    FREE Review / Explanation of Legal Documents 10%
    FREE Resolution of Legal Disputes through Phone Calls / Correspondence 15%
    FREE Credit Report Analysis and Repair / Identity Theft Issues 10%
    FREE Preparation of Simple Wills 10%
    Request for Formal Legal Representation pursuant to Fee Schedule 15%

    NOTE: On average, 85% of member calls to Preferred Legal Plan are for a FREE service covered under the membership.


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