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Legal expense insurance is an exciting, cutting-edge program now being provided to over 18 million Americans nationwide.

What is Legal Expense Insurance?

The Preferred Legal Plan incorporates all of the tremendous benefits obtainable with legal expense insurance. Legal Expense Insurance is a comprehensive legal protection program designed to help individuals and their families as well as small business owners deal with various personal and business-related legal issues in a dignified, affordable manner.

How much does it cost me?

The Preferred Legal Plan is offered at a low monthly rate of $9.95/month. This will cover you and your family with all our amazing benefits.

What about my business?

If you own a business, you can protect your business and your family at a low monthly fee of $24.95/month. See how we’ve helped thousands of businesses save time and money on their legal issues. Click Here

History of Preferred Legal Plan

Preferred Legal Plan is a local company, operating throughout the state of Florida since its inception in 1998. During that time, Preferred Legal Plan has created and maintained service relationships with several families, small business owners, and groups/companies around the state of Florida. For the past 15 years, we’ve been helping local businesses, universities, hospitals, hotels, and governmental entities.

What We Do Best

Preferred Legal Plan’s central objective has always focused on providing the highest level of service for its groups and their employees. In this regard, Preferred Legal Plan’s track record has been impeccable, cultivating prosperous relationships with all of its employer groups and generating positive feedback and word of mouth amongst all employee environments.


Affordable Legal Personal Plan for your Employees.

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Protect Yourself and your Business.

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Present an essential voluntary benefit.

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Protect yourself and your family for pennies a day.

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