Read what our amazing clients are saying about Preferred Legal Plan.

“When I joined PLP, I had ongoing divorce and custody issues. PLP provided me with a family law attorney, who handled these legal problems for me. In my desperate time of need, PLP was there for me.”

T. Ortiz

Lakeland, FL

“I had multiple traffic tickets and a suspended driver’s license when I joined PLP. My PLP attorney represented me in court and cleared my entire driving record.”

A. Padro

Boca Raton, FL

“I can call (my PLP attorney) for anything. It’s like calling a friend, but he knows the answers.”

M. Smith

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“The general public, including myself, are ignorant because we don’t know how to pick the right (attorney). Now, (my PLP attorney) calls me back promptly, and is always available to answer even trivial questions.”

G. Alberelli

Miami, FL

"PLP representatives listened to my problem and put me in touch with an attorney located near my home. The process was easy and convenient. Thank you PLP for treating me with dignity and respect.”

I. Merrifield

St. Lucie, FL

“I have recently had to handle a legal matter with Preferred Legal Plan and I cannot express my appreciation enough to the Preferred Legal Plan attorney for his patient, fair-minded, efficient and thorough approach. I was very surprised to find someone as responsive and understanding. Preferred Legal Plan is certainly a great value.”

P. Powell

Miami, FL