Small Business

Our Small Business Owner Plan provides you with comprehensive, affordable legal protection for your business. Get the help you need to insure that your business is running smoothly and properly. Have your own corporate attonrey on retainer for just pennies a day.

Small Business Owners

The Preferred Legal Plan™ ("PLP") is a licensed legal expense insurance company providing small business owners with legal advice and discounted fee representation on all types of legal services, including new business incorporation, preparation of annual corporate maintenance documents, review of existing business contracts, preparation of new business contracts/agreements, business debt collection, trademark services, civil court proceedings and many more. PLP provides these services to the small business owner for the affordable price of $24.95 per month.

Plan Benefits

  • Unlimited FREE legal advice via phone consultation
  • FREE face-to-face initial consultations with attorneys
  • FREE initial letters and phone calls on your behalf
  • Reduced legal fees for all type of legal services
  • New Business Incorporation
  • Preparation of Annual Corporate Maintenance Documents
  • Review of Existing Business Contracts
  • Preparation of New Business Contracts/Agreements
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Our Small Business Plan is only $24.95 per month. That’s less than $300 per year. This is less than most attorneys charge you for 1 hour of work. With Preferred Legal Plan, you and your business are covered. It’s easy, simple, and most important, affordable.


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